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Solve Together

At Agile Bridge we believe in the team’s collective energy to resolve most software challenges. Through internal efforts Agile Bridge aims to become an employer of choice within the software solutions marketplace through an open and honest work environment and exciting clients.

Have Fun

The sense of fun created within the company creates a safe environment for all Bridgers to contribute equally, grow through sharing, and maximise their own potential.

Clients across the Globe

We live a global culture, and service clients around the world by utilising business communication technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. We believe in a balance between working remotely and in the office.

We are Agile

As true software creators, we are aiming to be agile and to always have a fresh new perspective on things.

There is a place for everyone

We have some pretty cool clubs you can join - Whiskey Club, Movie Club, Gamers Club, Golf Club, Pew Pew Club, Runing Club... just to name a few.

Have a look at what life looks like at Agile Bridge on our Social Media Pages:

Growing Mindset

We want to inspire and nurture a growth mindset. We encourage our Bridgers to get themselves certified and be the best they can be by providing a financial contribution towards training and certification. We have regular check-ins to discuss your career path and growth within Agile Bridge.

Level 2

What is it like to work at Agile Bridge

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Show and Tell

Fun Fact Thursday

Wellness Week


Investment Club

Gamers Club

Coffee Run

BA Sandbox

Friday Braai Day

Sandwich Thursday


Running Club

Movie Club

Pew Pew Club

Gin Club

Hunting Weekend

At Agile Bridge, we understand that a healthy work-life balance is important for the well-being of our Bridger. That’s why we offer flexible working times and places, to accommodate the professional, private, and family needs of our team members. We also provide a corporate gym membership with Planet Fitness for those who like to stay active and have regular wellness programs and team-building activities.

Our “Show and Tell” hackathons and “Fun Fact Thursdays” are opportunities for our team members to share their knowledge, skills and new technologies with the rest of the team and improve their craftsmanship. This is also the case with our various Think Tanks, designed specifically to enhance skills.

At Agile Bridge, we have a variety of active and social clubs to suit different interests and hobbies. Whether you like to game, be active, or relax, there’s something for everyone. We have D&D tournaments, Age of Empire tournament, running, golf, and action cricket clubs. We even have a Pew Pew Club, dedicated to improving your aiming skills.

And for those who enjoy a good sandwich or coffee, we have Sandwich Thursdays and quality coffee available all day long

In summary, Agile Bridge is a fun and supportive work environment that values the well-being and professional development of our team members. We are committed to creating a balance between work and personal life and making Agile Bridge a great place to work.

Level 3

Join Agile Bridge’s Graduate Program

and become part of something bigger!

Our programme is designed to help you cross that bridge from being a graduate to excel in the world of Software Development by working with the latest technology, cutting edge projects and being mentored by the best developers in the industry.

Our graduate programme is based in Pretoria and is open to talented university graduates that feels passionate about software.

What is in it for you?

  • Three-week training Bootcamp
  • 12 months of training and practical experience in the full lifecycle of development
  • Opportunity to work alongside formidable Software Engineers
  • Exposure to work on multiple technology stacks and industries

Level 4

Open Positions

We are looking for talented and dynamic people to join our team. If any of the openings below are applicable to you, please apply by clicking “Apply Now” and provide details with your resume attached.

Intermediate Software Engineer

Full-time | Hybrid

Senior Software Engineer

Full-time | Hybrid

Automation Test Engineer

Full-time | Hybrid

Project Manager

Full-time l Hybrid

Office Administrator

Full-time l Hybrid

Open Application

Don’t worry if you can’t see a suitable role to apply for at the moment, feel free to share your CV with us if you think you could be a fit for Agile Bridge, and we will reach out if there is an opportunity that will be suited to you!